Black Lives Matter — Thinking Moon

Preamble Honestly my heart hurts. Although I’d normally try and keep a balanced approach to political and social issues. This is not possible in light of recent (and not so recent) events. George Floyd is dead. Ahmaud Arbery is dead. Breonna Taylor is dead. There are thousands upon thousands of others dead in from similar […]

Black Lives Matter — Thinking Moon

*As a lover of literature, this is such a profound way to share and amplify the voices of black authors in order to educate ourselves about social and political issues that continually exist for the black community. Please visit the clickable link above to see the rest of Thinking Moon’s post and to see all of the vital and educational content.

*In addition, the amazing resources provided for petitions, donation organizations, music, art, and more to support the black lives matter movement help every voice to be heard louder than before. BLACK LIVES HAVE ALWAYS MATTERED AND ALWAYS WILL.

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